Lavender Dreams Scented Slime (250ml)

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You'll enjoy hours of fun poking, swirling, stretching and making satisfying sounds with this amazing slime.

Contains 250ml of slime, presented in clear jar with Silly Scented Slime label.
DO NOT consume!
Not recomended for children under 3 years old.

Always wash your hands before and after playing with slime.

♡ What to do if your slime is;
Slime will naturally melt & get stickier over time. Adding lotion will help. If it is cold out, your slime may be stiff. Simply warming it up with your hands will also help.
Try washing your hands and drying well before handling your slime. 
Sometimes oily/sweaty/warm hands can make slime feel stickier.
If that doesn’t help, adding in drops of activator will help! If you add to much, it can ruin your slime, so please be very careful! Add in VERY slowly and play with it before adding more. 
It will be lumpy after activating, just knead it until it is smooth. 
…Still sticky? 
Not all slimes are meant to be holdable. Some slimes are meant to be played with on surfaces only. Also, try poking and handling it quickly. 
Beads are falling out? The beads will start fall out if you add too much activator. (Don't worry! It will naturally get stickier over time, so it should "fix itself".)
Shrinking? It is normal for slime to shrink/evaporate over time!

♡ Butter Slime
Butter slime is made with air-dry clay.
If you play with it for more than 30 minutes, it may start to harden/ dry up.
It is ESSENTIAL to keep in its container when not in use or it will dry out.
There is no way to revive dried out slime, so close the container well.
If it becomes stiff over time, simply add a little squirt of any lotion and massage in. This will help.

♡ Fishbowl/Slushie/Beaded Slime
This slime has to stay a bit sticky so that the beads don’t fall out, so be very careful when adding in activator.

♡ How to Make & Use Activator:
1. Add 1 tsp of borax to 1 cup of warm water.
2. Mix until it dissolves. 
3. Add the solution in VERY SMALL AMOUNTS!
4. Knead your slime until it is smooth :-)

♡ Remember;
*Slime has a limited life span.
*Make sure your hands and are clean and well dried before handling slime.
*Slime may shrink/ /melt/change colour, etc if left in a very hot environment.
Keep slime out of direct sunlight to avoid the above, and to extend its longevity.
*If the above tips don't work, it may not be possible to repair it. :-( 
*It is normal for slime to shrink over time!
*Keep your slime away from clothes, carpet, furniture & objects that are not easily washable. 
*Some slimes have small decorative parts that are not suitable for young children.
*Most importantly, slime is not edible!!♡

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